If you hard drive is making noises or not being recognised by your computer then it may be showing signs of failure.  It would be recommended to get a Data Recovery performed on the drive before it fails completely.

Hard disks are very fragile and it is necessary to handle the drives with extreme care. Physical shock to the hard disk typically leads to head assembly failure. Hard disk drives can also fail for a number of other reasons. Which include failure due to power surge, firmware corruption, or unreadable sectors. 

Whether you have

  • Deleted data by accident
  • Data has become corrupted
  • System will not boot
  • Drive has crashed

there is usually a solution available.

Sometimes what looks like a disaster can turn out to be simply a software problem. We can usually recover data from all types of hard disk drives and other storage devices. Our turnaround times and costs are highly competitive and we also offer an express service if the data is critical to the continuation of your business or organization

We offer a no recovery - no fee service. However there may be a charge for any shipping costs if it needs to be sent to a advanced data recovery lab.


What can do with my files after Data Recovery to help prevent this from happening again?

We offer various solutions for file storage and backup. It could be something as simple as a memory stick to keep your data on all the way up to online storage.   Check in store with our technicians for the best solution for you.


Issue Price
Data Recovery from Damaged Drive From £49.99
Data Transfer to New Machine From £34.99
Advanced Data Recovery From £99
Lab Data Recovery From £300
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