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True computer viruses are quite rare these days. Most nasties are grouped under the umbrella term Malware – mal(bad) – ware (software) – literally bad software.

These include

  • Trojan horses
  • Exploits
  • Worms
  • Browser Hijacks

and increasing amounts of adware (advertising software.)

Potentially, an attacker can access your personal information, photos, documents, and can even record every stroke of your keyboard in order to steal passwords for bank accounts, ebay accounts etc. They can even install a rootkit, which modify's windows, so nothing can be trusted, it will tell you your system is clean, and is often undetectable to anti-virus programmes.

Our engineers can clean your system making it virus free and will also provide advice and tips to stop it happening again. If your anti-virus is not up to scratch or using a free version we can also supply trusted anti-virus software (additional cost) at the same time to better protect you once it leaves our workshop!

We can also perform this at your home if you can't get your system into us. For more information please give us a call or check out our home visits page.

What Anti-Virus should I use after having a Virus Removal?

In our workshop, we recommend Bullguard Internet Security to help keep your system safe from malware and attacks.
For more information and to get your FREE 60-day trial, check out our Internet Security page.

Service Price
Basic Virus Removal £39.99
Virus Removal with System Clean up £59.99
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